Training and career opportunities

Bilcare Solutions employs approximately 1.300 people. The most important prerequisites for our success in the dynamic and international environment in which we operate are the performance, qualification, creativity, commitment and loyalty of our staff. As a result, our personnel policy follows the following guidelines:

  1. We find suitable staff personally and professionally and appoint them according to their abilities and achievements.
  2. We promote our staff using systematic and specific training programmes and prefer to fill our management positions with people out of our ranks
  3. We work together with discretion and mutual respect and encourage our employees to work using their own initiative and in a personally responsible manner.
  4. We pay a salary linked fairly to demands and performance as well as offering appropriate social benefits.
  5. We expect our employees to be committed to their job, to support the company and to show appropriate performance.
  6. We want our staff to enjoy their work.


We truly believe that it is worthwhile being a member of our team. Find out more about our job and trainee opportunities.