Cold Form Foil

Venus(TM) cold form foil

Venus(TM) is a multi-layered cold form foil for pharmaceutical packaging applications offering total protection from water vapour, light, gases, aroma etc. Venus(TM) provides excellent formability and high malleability making it suitable for deep draw cavities.

Product characteristics

  • 100 % barrier against water vapour, gases, light etc.
  • Excellent formability
  • High degree of thermal stability
  • High malleability for deep drawing blister cavities
  • High aesthetic appeal
  • Sealable with standard aluminium foil
  • Active drug master filed with USFDA

Product specifications

  • Venus(TM) 45: OPA 25 mic. / Alu 45 mic. / PVC 60 mic.
  • Venus(TM) 50: OPA 25 mic. / Alu 50 mic. / PVC 60 mic.