The first scientific method for developing optimum packaging for pharmaceutical products


  • Recommendations on the ideal package for your product within six weeks
  • Market launch of your product in customized, "just right" packaging
  • Saves development time and cost
  • Complete understanding of the product's sensitivity
  • Ability to design additional packaging solutions for specific climatic conditions
  • Identify the stability issues of the product at non ICH real life conditions and its solution
  • Complete documentation of packaging development

Eliminate "Over-Packaging"

The highly sophisticated techniques practiced by BilcareOptima stand in significant contrast to the current packaging selection methods, which, in most cases, lead to over-protection. Over-protection is generally a consequence of not fully realizing a product's true barrier requirement.

With BilcareOptima, over-packaging is avoided. We do this by placing your product through rigorous evaluation examinations, including our Forced Degradation Study which:

  • Measures affects of temperature, relative humidity, and light
  • Estimates critical factors that determine failure mode
  • Determines threshold values
  • Determines optimum barrier property
  • Designs the ideal blister cavity using SolidWorks 3D Software
  • Simulates Cavity Thinning & Moisture Permeation through FEA Software
  • Selects the most optimum packaging Film and Foil

BilcareOptima is an exceptionally thorough service. Your product is scientifically examined under an extensive array of environmental conditions and, by determining the formulation's unique set of particulars, we discover its ideal packaging match. And just to be on the safe side, the process is performed in triplicate: three separate batches are subjected to BilcareOptima's all-encompassing tests.

The BilcareOptima Methodology

  • Degradation pattern of formulation is evaluated using a set of designed experiments
  • Three fresh batches are studied under various climatic conditions to evaluate:
    • Hygroscopicity
    • Physical degradation
    • Chemical degradation
    • Drug release properties
    • Hardness & friability
    • Photo sensitivity
    • Gas liberation
    • Material product interaction
  • The blister shape is designed and thinning profile is modeled to predict real-life WVTR
  • A packaging cost analysis is provided

Getting It Right the First Time Saves Cost and Hassle

Conventional packaging development methods are based on trial and error. BilcareOptima eliminates this back-and-forth process that, in the pharmaceutical industry, can often mean the difference between a successful product launch and a costly delay. We do this by understanding all the possible variables in the delicate equation that defines the proper packaging before we design your product's package.

BilcareOptima...Packaging Solutions backed by Science.