AquaBa® Films

With AquaBa®, Bilcare Research has engineered an unique barrier film. Offering not only the best protection against moisture but also an improved oxygen barrier, AquaBa® represents an outstanding film product. It combines excellent processing features of PVC films with ultimate barrier performance.


  • Unique water vapour and oxygen barriers
  • Optimum film flexibility
  • Excellent processability
  • “Triplex” structures requirements eliminated

Product and barrier


ASTM-F1249 (38°C./90% r.h.)


ASTM-D3985 (23°C/50% r.h.)

g/m²*dg/100in²*dcm³/m²*d*barcm³/100 in²*d*bar
AquaBa® 130 0,10 0,007 0,12 0,008
AquaBa® 160 0,07 0,005 0,09 0,006
AquaBa® 200 0,06 0,004 0,07 0,005