Office Organisation

Impress with Staufen Films

Bilcare Solutions offers a wide range of rigid PVC films for the manufacture of office and organisation articles. Our films are available in numerous surface finishes and colour variations.

We have the best film for your application …

Our fillms are suitable for a wide variety of office and organisation articles, such as

  • Transparent / coloured binders
  • Clear and tinted sheet protectors
  • Spiral binders
  • Albums
  • Dividers and indexes
  • Overhead films
  • Filing strips

... which can be processed in many ways

  • UV-offset, screen, digital, flexo and gravure printing
  • Die cutting, folding, bending and cutting
  • Thermoforming, embossing and gluing
  • Welding (ultrasonic, high frequency, impulse, contact)

Bilcare Research – Manufacturing solutions

  • Outstanding processability on modern high-performance machines
  • Scratch-resistant, when embossed
  • Optimal batch consistency
  • Good resistance to cleaning agents and chemicals
  • Good welding properties
  • Printable by all conventional printing processes using PVC inks
  • Recyclable

Our service record continues to be excellent

  • Each product is tailor made to your specific requirements
  • Our quick response times are renowned in this market
  • Expert Technical Service