Quality Management

Innovation and quality - Pillars of success

The development of new and improved products which meet the technical expectations of tomorrow is the main responsibility of our Research and Development Departments. Sophisticated and “intelligent” products as well as new processing characteristics are realised in close cooperation with our customers.
High-quality raw materials are stored in silos and prepared in fluid mixers for continuous processing. The incoming deliveries of raw materials are checked meticulously in our laboratory. It is here also, that the fine tuning of all recipe components is carried out in order to guarantee the consistent quality of the final product.

Films from Bilcare Solutions are produced on machines that are at the cutting edge of current technology due to constant modernisation and make possible a range of film gauges from 0.05 to 1.2 mm. Cleanliness in all stages of production is a matter of course for us.

The finishing as either reels or sheets is carried out on specialised slitting machines with continual adherence to the specified dimension tolerances.

In addition to in-line controls during all stages of the production process the finished film then undergoes a final quality examination. Precise matching of the customer’s wishes, as well as to our own quality standards, is permanently monitored.

The film leaves our plants after being securely packed and a both comprehensive and flexible despatch system ensures a quick and problem-free delivery of the goods to our customers.